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Location: Mukono Town Council Kasangalabi,Nasuti P.O.Box 9693 Kampala-Uganda

Welcome to Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda Fisheries Vocational Training and Innovation Centre (FIVOTRIC) that was first established under Section 14 subsection(e) of the BTVET  Act. 2008 and accredited as an Assessment Centre to conduct competence Based Assessments inline with Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework(UVQF)
The Centre was accredited to handle Worker’s PAS Modular. Level 1. 11. 111. and 1V assessment Level(s) as resolved in the the 33rd Industrial Training Council (ITC) Meeting with effect from January 2020,Centre Number UVQF/830, Category B (School Based).

FVTIC was originally formed with the following objectives:

  • To evolve fisher folk into skilling knowledge to acquire deferent skills and providing database of skilled fishers to the Directorate of Fisheries for policy development towards sustainable fisheries management in Uganda.
  • To create skilled manpower for fisheries industry required at various levels in formal and informal education.
  • To empower underprivileged youth from rural and semi urban communities leading to employment and income generating opportunities.
  • To create training facilities on lake safety, engine maintenance, fish handling and to carry out management studies pertaining to sustainable exploitation of lake resources.
  • Empowering fisherfolk from socially and economically helping them by providing meaningful skill trainings.
  • Developing rural enterprise by creating rural enterprise by creating rural entrepreneurs with eco-friendly and sustainable technologies.
  • To involve in management of information resources, utilization of information services and economics in fisheries sector.
  • To advance knowledge, business and innovations through research and be able to translate or adopt them in the Fishing community.
  • To support the Government in formulating policies for; sustainable and management of fishery resources, Livelihood for fishers, and Promotion of commercial ventures in fisheries in addition to the above, FVTIC will be responsible for the following core Activities:
    1. Creation of database of research output.
    2. Collection of regional, national and international fisheries information and statistics for developing the database.
    3. Analyze, interpret and make predictions on the course of fisheries development in Uganda and support the Government in evolving suitable policies for future development.
    4. Maintain a digital library for compiling the database.
    5. Work on information integration and evolve improved services for fisheries sector.
    6. Work with key stakeholders to manage statistics of capture fisheries and aquaculture.

The FIVOTRIC is committed to promote ICT driven technology and information dissemination system for quick, effectual and cost-effective delivery of messages to all the stakeholders in Fisheries sector.

FVTIC- released ” ABAVUBI in local language meaning (Fisher) ” a Mobile Android App for the benefit of Fisheries stakeholders with financial support from GIZ-RFBCP funded by German Government during the COVID 19 pandemic recently.

The Mobile App was released by the mother Organization FFOU, an umbrella body for all non-state actors in fisheries organizations in Uganda.

This App gives information about the fishing markets available in Uganda with a web link to Users can search for the names of abavubi.

The App is free and available for free download on Google Play Store.


    1. Certificate in Boat/Vessel engine repair and maintenance
    2. Certificate in Modern fiber and Plastic Vessel making and maintenance
    3. Certificate in Aquaculture and Aquaponics
    4. Certificate in Computer repair, maintenance and ICT
    5. Certificate in HIV Counseling and Guidance.
    6. Certificate in Business Development Studies