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Membership Subscription

(a) Honorary members shall not be required to pay membership or subscription fees. However, they may make a financial contribution to the Federation as and when they deem fit.

(b) Ordinary and Associate membership to the Federation shall be effective upon payment of a membership an annual subscription fee;

(c) The amount of fees to be paid for Ordinary and Associate membership shall be determined by the NEC from time to time with the approval of the Delegates Conference.

The membership fees are structured as below or by proportionate:

Membership Category     
     Membership Fee         
      Annual Subscription
Ordinary Membership
     Ugsh 200,000
       Ugsh 100,000
Associate Membership
     Ugsh 500,000
       Ugsh 200,000
Membership fees may be revised from time to time as circumstances dictate, and endorsed by all members at the Delegates Conference. However, members may give any additional support to FFOU in form of donations.

The Bank Account details are:  DFCU BANK, 13Kimathi Ave. Impala H’se 70 K’la.

Account name:                                Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda Limited. 

Account number:                            1026665641

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