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Strategic Plan

Having engaged with GIZ-RFBCP(Responsible Fisheries Business Chain Project) in 2017and agreed to work together on the Abavubi Fisher Mobile Application Project, FFOU was introduced to CUSP (Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme); a component of the GIZ programme “Strengthening Governance and Civil Society in Uganda”. In March 2019, CUSP conducted an Organisational Capacity Assessment exercise which aimed at identifying areas that the two parties could work together to strengthen FFOU’s capacity to serve its members. Through the above exercise, a number of areas were identified and these included Strategic plan Review, regional consultations with FFOU members in respect to the organisational structure review, filing system, resource mobilisation, Monitoring and Evaluation strategy. Among the above areas, strategic plan review started with a workshop in December 2019 supported by CUSP to guide FFOU Team on key aspects to consider in the development of an organisational strategic plan. The overall goal was to make the planning more focussed and see what could be realistically implemented in the remaining time. The review process has been ongoing since 2020 though with an effect of Covid-19 pandemic that slowed down the process. The original strategic plan was developed in 2018 to be implemented in five (5) year that’s; 2019-2023, which also started by consultations with members in different parts of the country to establish their needs. However, the need for its review was realised as a result of assessing the strategic objectives and activities thereof to create a positive impact in terms of solving the identified challenges to the members. With resumption of work from Covid-19 lockdown in June2020, FFOU engaged CUSP to devise a new implementation approach to the regional Consultation meetings. In the month of October, 2020 ten (10) meetings took place with a maximum number of twenty (20) participants per meeting in the Districts of Masakaat Malembo Landing Site, Bukakata, Kalangala, Ntoroko, Pakwach, Masindi, Soroti, Busia, Lugazi and Kampala. These were organized and conducted by FFOU team of seven staff with different roles to perform during the consultations. Besides seeking members’ view in regard to the revised organizational structure, regional consultations Federation of Fisheries Organisations Uganda (FFOU) Reviewed strategic plan 2021-2023[Type text] Page 11 also aimed at getting members’ needs so as to incorporate them into the strategic plan under review In the review workshop in 2019, FFOU vision, mission and core values were not reviewed and remained the same. The focus was laid on revising the strategic objectives and key interventions, reflecting on the current problems and the progress made. As a result, the strategic objectives were revised as well as the key interventions for the remaining period 2021-2023.

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