FFOU Uganda Interventions


FFOU offers opportunities for member involvement and participation in its programmes and activities. FFOU also recognizes other organizations that are not its Members and will create opportunities for open exchanges with them.

FFOU programmes & Areas of Intervention offer a wide range of activities in which all Members are encouraged to participate. Our Areas of Intervention include:

Legislation, policies and Human rights

We work towards having informed fisheries communities on fisheries related policies, regulations and human rights. 

Our activities to foster this include: 

  • We sensitize communities on existing policies and regulations in the sector and the benefits of being compliant.
  • Promote human rights and fishing rights of the fisher folk through awareness campaigns
  • Collaborate with government and fisheries co-management bodies in provision of information relevant to fisher communities.
  • Train trainers and community counsellors in respective communities on compliance
  • Conduct legal clinics(services) in partnership with law and human rights CBOs
  • Partner with research institutions for awareness on non-compliance implications
  • Carry out stake holders dialogue on current issues in the sector